Where should we go this Christmas? από τον/την George Tatakis • 25/10/2016 18:00

GREECE. Kastoria. Argos Orestikon. New Year's Eve 2016 -
GREECE. Kastoria. Argos Orestikon. New Year's Eve 2016

Hey everyone!! 

Christmas is coming and we are making plans to visit more pculiar events around Greece to make images and new stories for you to see and experience! 

We do have some ideas, but we'd really appreciate your input as well! 

Is there anything pculiar happening around your ancestors' village? Anything you know or heard of that not so many people are aware of? Even better, do you know someone who can show us around or host our small teams in a little corner somewhere? Please do let us know! 

The perfect events are usually the really pculiar ones, small groups of people, in secluded areas of the country.

If anything comes to mind, please drop a comment bellow and help us spread the word about the event!

We will definitely give you credit for the hint and probably invite you for a cup of coffee! 

The pculiar team.

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