What is pculiar?

Discover world’s local tradition.

The mission of pculiar is to become the synonym of worldwide cultural heritage. Founded in Athens, cradle of western civilisation, pculiar aims to help humanity discover local traditions around the world. 

Imagine if you went to a remote village somewhere and had the same options to eat, shop or experience services by the same providers that you have round the corner from your home.

We are here to study and experience the essence of travelling. Differentiation. We want to travel to experience a new culture, a new way of thinking than ours.

What is pculiar? -

Tradition is what makes communities unique and different. Pculiar is here to help humanity discover local traditions of the world, through the stories of its internationally acclaimed photographers and storytellers.

If you share a passion for culture with us or even if you just want to see to what extent man’s peculiarity may reach, join our trip and dive into our adventures!