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Gastronomy - Fylla of Kalymnos -

Gastronomy - Fylla of Kalymnos by George Tatakis • 04/09/2018 19:35

Traditional dish of Kalymnos. Stuffed vine leaves with minced meat and rice

Stuffing zucchini flowers at Kos island -

Stuffing zucchini flowers at Kos island by Antonios Chrysakis • 27/08/2018 18:02

The women that day were stuffing zucchini flowers and grape leaves (dolma) with rice, for a traditional food festival that was taking place the same night at Kardamena village.

From Darkness To Light -

From Darkness To Light by Antonios Chrysakis • 30/07/2018 18:34

The Harmony in Chaos is born. Hundreds of strangers become one as they move and express themselves and dance with strangers. Who are not strangers. Anymore...

Away of this world -

Away of this world by Thanasis Christodoulou • 08/07/2018 15:48

The feeling of being outside of everything and closer to yourself than ever before

The Sarakatsani  -

The Sarakatsani by Michael Pappas • 25/06/2018 17:43

It seems that when you travel, you can always find hidden surprises...