Agioi Anargyri festival in Kosmas

This is a day when this beautiful village of Peloponnese celebrates, as it is the name day of its patron saints, Saint Anargiri. Two celebrations take place, one during the winter and the second during the summer. This is the smaller one.
Photography / Text: George Tatakis

This celebration during the name day of Saint Anargiri, is a good chance to visit this beautiful village of Peloponnese, Kosmas. These are the patron saints of the village so this is a celebration for the village.

I wanted to get away for the weekend, but I always have to combine with photography. I have seen that there is this celebration in this beautiful village. As soon as I got there I suspected that there wasn't going to be any big celebration. The residents confirmed, since they said that the big celebration takes place on the second date which is in June. 

However, that was not that bad, since the village is really beautiful and at this day it is not totally empty. In this village, many people own chestnut trees and this is the period when you can pick them up. So most of them will come at the celebration day, so they can pick up their chestnuts and also attend the church. 

I also went to the church for the evening Mass. This was a really impressive and huge church in really small village so it was very interesting. The whole village seemed to be quite wealthy since it was in a very good shape with newly renovated homes and square. Everything is in stone. 

I stayed in the village for the weekend and had many strolls around it. Even with every one that visited for these special days, the village seemed to be rather empty. 

On the way back I visited a local school which is at the outskirts of the village, but also the monastery of Elonis, which is a few km away.

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Agioi Anargyri festival in Kosmas

Epar.Od. Leonidiou - Kosma, Kosmas 230 58, Greece
Kosmas, Peloponnese, Greece