Battle of Klisova reenactment

An epic battle in Missolonghi lagoon.
Photography / Text: George Tatakis

A quite well produced lagoon battle takes place in the water around the island of Klisova, located inside Missolonghi's lagoon. Missolonghi is a very important city for Greece concerning the revolution of independency in 1821. Therefore many relevant customs still take place in this city throughout the year. 

Many local actors are getting dressed with Greek or Turkish uniforms. There are people that are so immersed in their roles that keep actual long hair throughout the year so they don't have to wear a wig. 

I have arrived earlier to the event as always, but this time I had an extra good reason. Getting a photographer's licence is required to get close to this event. It is not difficult to get, but takes some time. You can get yours by contacting the Photography Group of Missolonghi "Photoleme" on their email: [email protected]

I've actually been promised a spot on the island of Klisova, but they have changed their mind as they were probably hesitant to allow someone who has nothing to do with the local production on an island with some quantities of explosives on it. Don't worry though, there is provision for the spectators on one side of the lagoon, in a safe distance away from the explosives. 

There is also provision for photographers across the island, on a narrow peninsula. Moving is not possible towards the island, but still a lot of action takes place on this peninsula. There is also a screen made out of reeds to hide the photographers from the spectators. 

Across the peninsula for the spectators some loudspeakers are installed that play epic music, which makes the scene more surreal. 

This same peninsula is the base where most people who are going to be on the island take a boat. There is even the local band that gets aboard small boats to travel to this island. 

The Turkish army starts off from all the land around the island of Klisova and, entering their boats the go to take the island. There, the greek army is waiting to protect the island and there is a battle taking place with many smoke agents, shootings and explosives going off before the whole thing comes to an end. 

When the battle is over, people are able to go and visit the island and see the church that lies on it. 

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Battle of Klisova reenactment

Unnamed Road, Iera Poli Messologgiou 302 00, Greece
Missolonghi, Western Greece, Greece