Day and night in Avlona

The days of Avlona as locals call it. After the festival in the ancient city of Vrykous, Olympians go and stay in their houses in Avlona. This is a village near Olympus where Olympians grow vegetables and grapes. Music and dance is present as usual.
Photography / Text: George Tatakis

Avlona is a kind of surreal rural village, in a short distance from Olympos in Karpathos island. In this village, Olympians grow vegetables and some do grapes. In the old times, people would grow their products just about anywhere. Today only a few still carry on this tradition. 

The permanent residents are three. Michalis, Anna and Irene. Michalis and Anna are husband and wife and own the only cafe around. Irene is their nearby neighbour. 

However, there are many more houses around, as most of people from Olympos also own a house in Avlona. The climate there is much drier that that of Olympos and there is also some space to grow stuff. 

After the two day festival in the ancient city of Vrykous, the party moves to Avlona. These are the days of Avlona as the locals call it. Everyone who owns a house in Avlona moves there for 2-3 days and opens the house. It is such a nice time and the place really livens up. I had visited Avlona many times before, but this one was by far the best. All houses have their lights on during the night and they invite you for a drink or a small bite. 

Later at night everyone visits the main square and have dinner. The music starts and the Olympian festival begins. As in all the celebrations, singing starts with religious chanting, then moves on with slow songs for the table and then they start 'Mantinades' These are on the spot made songs that speak about the villagers affairs. 

When they had enough of Mantinades, the rhythm builds up to end in a frenzy dance. 

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Day and night in Avlona

Unnamed Road, Avlona 857 00, Greece
Avlona, South Aegean, Greece

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