Gomaropazaro. The horses' bazaar in Tirnavos.

A bazaar for selling, buying and trading horses and mules
Photography / Text: Vaggelis Kousioras

I didn’t have to travel far to find something really pculiar to take photos of. There is a small town, Tirnavos, which is only 18 km away from my home. It is located northwest of Larisa city. The capital of Thessaly region, Greece.

There is a big old bridge, right at the entrance of the town and under it the Titarisios river flows through the town. This is the place where the "Goumaropazaro" takes place.

The word means  "the horses' bazaar." It is an annual event where you can see, buy, sell or trade horses and mules. It is established from the first years of Ottoman ruling, and was one of the most famous bazaars in Greece.

It was not the first time I was there. Usually in the past the river used to be dry, but this time it had some water floating and I liked it. The animals loved it too and the people were using it for lots of purposes. Some were washing their trucks. 

There were so many interesting faces. I loved the big mustaches, the fat bellies, the big hats and the crooks that some people were holding.

A lot were smoking and drinking alcohol and were walking around with ropes, horsewhips, and bells. Beside the animals, there were also amazing handmade horse saddles, halters, collars with beads and many other accessories.

I am sure that if i was a horse owner i would definitely want to buy some of these beauties.

This place is like a scene from the past. A lot of people were there simply because they were curious. A few farmers and muleteers came to buy a mule for helping them with their work, like transporting wood from a remote forest in the mountain to their farm.

Others were interested in buying some good horses for a club. There are some horse clubs around the area where people go to relax, have a coffee or take a ride with a horse. The children can also learn how to ride a horse properly.

This place is like a scene from the past.

I talked to a man who wanted to buy a horse just for hobby. He wanted to own it, love it and take care of it. To wake up in the morning and take a ride with it. I am sure he was not living in the city. 

I took some time to relax and only watch the whole scene. Every time i visit this place i get the same feeling. It is like living 100 years back in the past.

Then I left and returned back to reality.

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Gomaropazaro. The horses' bazaar in Tirnavos.

Larisis 29, Tirnavos 401 00, Greece
Tirnavos, Thessaly, Greece