Horses at sea in Kala Nera

A very old custom that takes place in a small seaside village, near Volos. The water of the sea is blessed and soon after dozens of beautiful horses go inside the sea to get the blessing.
Photography / Text: George Tatakis

This is a custom that takes place near Volos, at the village of Kala Nera. This is a village on the seaside. I happened to be in Volos for a presentation so I thought it would be a good idea to visit the custom and make some images. 

This customs takes place 39 days after the Orthodox Easter. The local priests will start the event by taking a horse carriage from the village church to go next to the small port of the village. 

This is where they are going to bless the sea water. Many people are gathered around to see the beautiful local horses. They have been gathered around a few hours before and everyone enjoys them performing tricks with their masters, who feel very proud of them. 

After the sea water has been blessed by the priests, the horses are guided inside the water so that they too get the blessing. 

It is said that this is a very old custom and is related to people living around the mountains, descending to have their first swim at the sea for the summer. They believed that if they got in touch with the sea water they would get rid of all evil. 

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Horses at sea in Kala Nera

EO Volou Neochoriou 385, Kala Nera 370 10, Greece
Kala Nera, Thessaly, Greece