Student's parade in Andros

Student's parade, celebrating OXI on October 28, Andros island
Photography / Text: George Tatakis

At the day of "OXI" (no) on October 28, which is a bank holiday in Greece, I happened to be in Andros island to photograph the custom of Chirosfaya so I thought it was a good opportunity to see the student's parade around the capital of the island. 

The Chora of Andros is a beautiful place and when I arrived at this dock below, I really wished the parade would be coming through this way. This would look really great. But unfortunately these stuff only take place in surreal movies. 

All students were gathering in front of the church where the parade would start just after the church finished. The sky was full of thunderclouds that looked heavy with rain, but at the end it never did rain. 

Soon the church finished and everyone prepared to start the parade. The band started playing the marches and the student classes went off one by one. This day commemorates the rejection of the Greek government to the Italian ultimatum on October 28, 1940, made by Benito Mussolini. 

The parade went through the central street of the town and arrived at the central square. There everyone stood around the square's memorial, where the military and political heads of the place laid wreths. 

After they finish in the square they start the way back to finish up. 

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Student's parade in Andros

Αισχύλου, Andros 845 00, Greece
Andros, South Aegean, Greece