The Festival of Skala Sikamia

The festival of Skala Sikamia celebrates Saint Nicolas earlier, on a hidden small beach in Serifos Island.
Photography / Text: Chloe Kritharas - Devienne

We arrived around 7pm on the beach of Sikamia, Serifos Island. One hour before the sun goes down. If you decide to go the Skala Sikamia's festival, you also decide to sleep there. It is around 40 minutes of climbing, walking, in the mountain, and its too dangerous by night. 

As we started to walk we had this amazing view of the sunset fading in the sea, the shapes of Serifos transforming into sensual massive shadows. Some of them looked like pregnant women sleeping on the mediterranean. During this quiet walk, you could smell the sweet Thyme , and the mountain flowers, blowing in the cycladic wind. The sound of the waves, which were gently hitting the rocks, gave us a rhythm to our march. 

After 40 minutes the beautiful and small beach of Skala Sikamia appeared, with the little church of Agios Nikolaos. 

Some children were playing there, they were also waiting for the small fishing boat to come for the feast.  Here and there, tents already set up for the night.

At the small church, the food was getting ready, the smell of meat was in the air, the fried local potatoes, the greek salads set on the table, the fava and of course the wine. Everything came from the Island. We sat also at one of the big wooden tables with the locals and started to eat and drink. 

Then two men started to play with their instruments the traditional cycladic music of Serifos and of course Greek dancing followed soon after. After many glasses of the strong local wine, the jokes, the thick laughs and excitment filled Skala Sikamia. 

The food was delicious, the music and the dancing great. One of the best things of this Feast is that there are only a few local people of all ages, who know how to have fun all night long. 

I would say that ending the night by sleeping on the beach under this sky with the sound of the sea ,was just an incredible end.

For me, this is the best feast in Serifos, being simple, with only a few people ( because of the 40 minute walk ) and only locals.

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The Festival of Skala Sikamia

Unnamed Road Serifos
Serifos, South Aegean, Greece