Big fire at Great Prespa Lake
Annual custom with large bonfires in lake of Great Prespa. A lake between three countries among surreal scenery. A way to celebrate the year to come.

The New Year is about to come on the way to Florina.

Somewhere in between there is a sign that shows the way to Prespa lakes. These lakes are well known in Greece so it might be a good chance to visit the place.

In about half an hour you will reach the village of Psarades (Fishermen in Greek), which is the only village on the shore of Great Prespa lake. The other villages around the lake are in FYROM or Albania. Children prepare a tower to light a bonfire. It is a custom that happens every year.

There are enough places to stay or have something nice to eat. The days passed with boat trips in the lake, where you can even see some caves, walks around the village, visits to the Small Prespa and Saint Achilles island, as well as to the town of Kastoria.

The custom may not happen every year. Rain may spoil it, since the fire will not work. The tower was built the year before since they didn’t light the fire then. They would even light the fire on January 30 instead, because there was forecast for showers on the 31st.

Several visitors came over at night. The children lit the fire and the temperature around the tower is very high. Everyone moves away, nearer to the food and the wine, brought by locals to treat the guests.