George Tatakis

Level: Core member

An Engineer who became a photographer, dreaming that one day his images will change the world.

George Tatakis makes images, utilising the world that surrounds us. He has been published internationally, including National Geographic and partnered with brands such as Leica, Canon, Huawei, UNESCO and more. George studied and worked as an Engineer, but his true passion always lied in art, especially image making. The main means he uses to make images is through photography. The purpose of his images is to express his view of the world by directing moments taking place in front of him. Engineering dreams out of real-life moments.

Since 2013 he decided to follow his passion and slowly make the transition to a full-time image making career. He now documents social events, exhibits his work in institutions such as the Benaki Museum, in downtown Athens and provides mentoring to amateur and professional photographers.