During the twelve days of Christmas, in many parts of Nothern Greece you can see several groups of musicians entering local cafes and taverns to play balkan rhythms! This time I was in a traditional cafe in Florina. 

Local people are very familiar with this kind of music and the musicians earn good money by doing that. 

From what I heard this comes from the time of the last years of Turkish occupation. Turkish people were very fond of the European culture, so they had started forming bands and orchestras containing brass instruments. After the time of the revolution, these people left Greece and had to leave the instruments behind. After some time and when the fuss of the war had stopped, local people started opening cellars and warehouses and kept on finding these instruments. Naturally they wanted to start playing and taking ideas from the nearby Balkan music, this kind of music got to be very popular amongst people. 

Balkan rhythms in the cafes -
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