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A full day in Anogeia -

A full day in Anogeia by George Tatakis • 02/06/2018 12:31

Anogia is a small but very important village in the centre of Crete island in Greece. I spent one month during the summer in Anogia. Sometimes you just wouldn't drive for one or two hours to the beaches. But, hey, lots of things to see in this interesting place!

Exploring the secrets of Buzludzha -

Exploring the secrets of Buzludzha by George Tatakis • 01/06/2018 14:22

On my way to Romania from Burgas, I made sure I would go through a Soviet monument I had seen online, which looked to me like a flying saucer, Buzludzha which sits at 1,432 metres (4,698 feet) high. This is where I met Eva and now have a story to remember.

An unexpected lunch -

An unexpected lunch by George Tatakis • 24/04/2018 12:35

An unexpected table at Verikokos family in Ano Potamia village of Naxos island

Carnival week in Naxos -

Carnival week in Naxos by Antonios Chrysakis • 22/02/2018 16:40

The annual Naxos Carnival is a celebration with unique and traditional events that take place throughout the island and its many villages.

Getting to know Captain Stavros -

Getting to know Captain Stavros by George Tatakis • 24/04/2017 13:19

During my trip to Kastellorizon, I have met a very smiling and happy local person on the island, difficult not to notice if you are visiting, Stavros Choulis.