Welcome to pculiar by Antonios Chrysakis • 22/10/2016 17:20

A warm welcome to all our beta testers!

This our home of really pculiar events! You are one of the very few that have the privilege of testing our community platform before being released to the public.

Keep in mind that some things might not be quite there yet. This is a chance for you to help with your comments and suggestions. 

Go crazy with browsing and exploring. We will appreciate it if you told us what it is that you like or don't and also if anything is not working as it should. See the suggestion button below? Please use it as much as you like! The more the better. 

The team of pculiar, welcomes you to our new venture and bid you happy exploring!!! You can contact us directly at [email protected]

Welcome to pculiar -
Welcome to pculiar
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